Executive Summary

Who We Are

Planet Horse Feeds was built on a technically sound foundation and has earned the respect in the Equine world through hard work, dedication and a passion for horses and the industry. Our team is dedicated to consistently provide higher customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality products. We also pride ourselves in keeping up to date with all international research and being able to improve our products continuously.


What We Sell

Planet Horse Feeds specializes in the development and formulations of high quality feeds and supplements that ensure each horse can reach its maximum performance level.

We also provide a full basket of products to the clients. We sell premixes, macro- premixes, supplements, raw materials, concentrated feeds, feeds, hay bales, chaffed hay, green feed grown fresh for daily use, speedi-beet, minerals blocks......and many more.


Who We Sell To

We provide products to all equine owners that want to feed the best possible feed to their horses.

Our customers buy from us for the best technical advice and highest quality products. We only share the latest international developments and secrets with our small group of Elite clients. They are part of group of businesses that choose to be part of "the insiders secret".  Our clients only want the best of the best for their horses.


Clients live in a world where the presure for healthy living and eating is on the forefront.  It is important to know exactly what we eat and what it means for our health and performance. They expect the same from the products they feed their horses and expect specialist product support.

The clients in the stud and racing industry also spend millions on breeding scientifically and only using the best mares and stallions. Studs charge R100 000 and more for a covering from a top bred stallion.  Without the correct feeding at every stage of the foals development it can go from a potential R1 000 000 to R3 000 000 yearling to worth R0 if the development of his legs are not perfect.  The correct feeding is extremely important for the success of raising of the foal at sales time and thereafter on the race track.